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What position do you prefer to sleep in?

  • A. Combination(Back/Side/Stomach) - A semi firm mattress is recommended.
  • B. Side Sleeper - A plush mattress is recommended .
  • C. Stomach Sleeper - A firm mattress is recommended .

Your Answer:

Which speaks comfort to you?

  • A. Pile of feathers
  • B. Clouds in the sky
  • C. Blanket on the beach

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Which statement describes you best?

  • A. I'm a light sleeper and I tend to get hot at night
  • B. I like the responsiveness of foam and the support of a spring mattress.
  • C. I like my mattress to conform to my body 's natural curves, and I'm NOT a fan of that sinking feeling.

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Do you sleep alone?

  • A. Yes.
  • B. No.

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Your recommended mattress is a